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Thor: Love and Thunder & Cancer Fighters (Part 1)

Should we be so sensitive? Just because something triggers a memory of my traumatic journey, is that bad? Or, as a fighter, can I face that fear? And, if I let it, can that actually be healthy for me?

Some folks have claimed that Thor: Love and Thunder should have come with warnings because of graphic cancer treatment scenes. As a cancer fighter in the thick of it, I disagree.

In Part 1, I am going to get honest with you about things like confirmation bias when you fight cancer. I'm going to remind us all about judgment, ascribing motives, and more. I am also going to share how I think the movie has the potential of doing a lot of good.

Listen to Part 1, where I give you my perspective prior to seeing Thor: Love and Thunder. Then, tune in again for Part 2, where I will give you my fresh perspective after just having seen the movie to see if I've changed my mind and perspective.





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