The Grit Theory Podcast is a movement is based on the simple premise that those who can, must. Due to this we work to champion personal and familial Freedom by embracing the three tenets of Grit: Courage, Bravery, and Determination. It was a pleasure to be a guest on this podcast and cover aspects of our story:

  • Stage IV Cancer Diagnosis

  • Importance of Listening When Going Through Hell

  • The Elephant in the Room

  • The Medicine of Normalcy...and much more


This was a great interview just to discuss in short what it can mean to a cancer fighter to have people show up and just "be friends" with them. Often times, a cancer diagnosis can make things awkward and in so doing can leave the cancer fighter feeling more and more alone on their journey. 

Johnny Joy is more than just a radio host or a podcast host! He lives out his convictions in real life. He's the real deal. My wife, Shara, and I were out at a restaurant right after I had a chemo treatment and Johnny saw us and when we went to pay for our food, the waiter pointed to him and said, he's got you covered! We had had such a rough day and I cannot tell you what that meant to us!

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It was a privilege to be a guest on Riskers Podcast and discuss not only my journey through cancer, but my journey as an executive leader for over 24 years. 

Riskers Podcast: Risk isn’t about you—it’s about lives you were created to impact. You’ve been called to solve a problem or heal a pain in this world. The question is: What? Book Writing Consultant Caleb Breakey (founder of Sermon To Book and Speak It To Book) hosts Jesus-loving entrepreneurs, pastors, and aspiring authors who are taking risks in pursuit of their Kingdom calling. You’ll discover each guest’s emotionally-charged story and plot twists, how they experienced Christ in their most visceral moments, and what it means to follow their example and choose risk.